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Is your home properly protected? We can help you understand all the risks and liabilities that come with being a homeowner. Each home insurance policy proposal is custom tailored to fit our clients needs. Do you live in a single family detached or attached townhome? Maybe your home is a mobile/manufactured home. Secondary homes that are partially vacant? A condo that requires interior only coverage? Each and every address is uniquely rated. Things that factor into your property insurance rate include the location of the home, the location of fire hydrants/departments, your claims history and many other specific details.


Contact Sea to Sky Insurance so we can review your current policies for accuracy, discounts and competitive premiums.


Driving an automobile is the most common form of risk we take as individuals on a near daily basis. Are your liability limits sufficient enough to protect your assets? Are your uninsured motorist bodily injury limits sufficient enough to make you whole in the event that the at fault party is under insured or carries no insurance at all? Cars can be repaired and/or replaced through comprehensive and collision coverage. However, liability lawsuits stemming from automobile accidents can be damaging to your financial future. As drivers, we are rated on our "prior" liability limits. The higher these limits are, the less you pay for auto insurance in the long run. Schedule a consultation with us so we can develop a long term strategy to make you a client of Sea to Sky Insurance for life. How many roadside assistance issues and windshield replacements do you have per year? What are the statistics for hail and auto theft in your zip code? When was the last time your policy lapsed? What is an insurance score and how does it affect my rates?


These are the questions, that will be answered in our consultation. These items are also premium bearing. Let us help you get into a quality product with an amazing insurer at a competitive premium.

Landlord and Habitational

Sea to Sky Insurance has close to a decade of experience with landlord and habitational exposures. Maybe you live in a duplex and rent one side out. Or you might have a portfolio of several single family homes. Do you have short term rental/mixed use properties? Are your properties titled in the name of an LLC for an added layer of protection? Do you utilize a property management company? Does your policy include vandalism and malicious mischief coverage? Is the structure insured at replacement cost or actual cash value? Is water damage included, limited, or even excluded? Do you require your tenants to maintain a renters insurance policy with your name/LLC listed as an additional interest? Is your umbrella policy sufficient?


Landlord and habitational policies are very different than the policy you have on your primary residence.

Jewelry and Collectibles

Most home insurance policies have sub limits for specific, unique items. Maybe these items can be scheduled onto your policy, or maybe they need their own policy which could provide more comprehensive coverage. Generally speaking, any item of $2500 or more should be scheduled or endorsed onto your policy. These items may include jewelry, art, firearms, sporting equipment, plate ware, antiques, high end clothing, furs and accessories. Do you keep your items in a safe? Does your home have a monitored burglar and/or fire alarm system? Do you have a camera system inside and/or outside of your home? Have you had any theft claims in the last 5 years? When was the last time you had your items appraised? 


Jewelry and collectibles are typically inexpensive to have properly protected.


Here at Sea to Sky Insurance, we like to have fun. Lake days wake surfing, trail riding on a dual purpose motorcycle, and riding snowmobiles are a few of our hobbies. Not only do these toys present a huge exposure for liability, but the physical item itself is at high risk as well. Is the item insured at actual cash value, or agreed value? Does your RV or travel trailer carry the highest limit of vacation liability the policy offers? Is the roadside assistance for your toy(s) sufficient? If it has walls, wheels, or floats, we can make sure your toys are properly protected as well as your liability exposure.


Send us an email with some photos of your toys! We would love to see what it is that gets you and your family/friends out in nature.


Do you run a small business? Maybe you are an artisan contractor. Do you participate in ride sharing or food delivery services? Do you have temporary or permanent employees? Some folks run a business where its presence is strictly online and others have a physical location. For that physical location, is it leased or owned by your company? Do you work out of your residence? Foot traffic is to be considered! Does your company have a fleet of vehicles that provide a service? Do you host events where clients and vendors alike are present? Business insurance is NOT one size fits all. Each risk is uniquely different.


At Sea to Sky Insurance we will perform the proper discovery to find out what exposures you have and gauge your risk tolerance to build the perfect business package for your needs.


Floods cause the most common catastrophic damage in the world. Every single property across the globe is in a flood zone. If it can rain, it can flood! Flood is known as rising water from an outside source. 25% of homes are in "low risk" zones. In 2018 the average flood insurance claim in the United States was $42K dollars. The average flood insurance annual premium was only $642 dollars. Do you know what flood zone you are in? Are you familiar with what an elevation certificate is? What is the closest source of water, stream, ocean, retention pond to you and your property? Typically flood insurance is offered by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Administered by FEMA and serviced by branded insurance providers. Up until a few years ago the only option for flood insurance was through the NFIP. Now there are private market flood insurers that frequently offer superior coverages and rates. If you are in a high risk flood zone your mortgage provider will require flood insurance. It was recently announced that conventional loans will now accept private market flood insurance.  


Please contact Sea to Sky Insurance with any and all flood insurance questions. 

Private Client

Sea to Sky Insurance has access to the most premier Private Client insurers on the market. These packages are all inclusive and custom tailored to fit your needs. Do you have luxury properties, high performance vehicles, a power boat/sporting yacht or a helicopter? Maybe you collect rare art, jewelry, vintage wine/champagne or antique sporting firearms? Are your assets high enough that you could potentially be kidnapped and held for ransom? Are all of your exposures properly protected? Does your current insurance provider have their own Wildfire Defense System in place? A Private Client insurance portfolio will provide you with the best coverages you can find. A true white glove service in the world of risk management.

Do not hesitate to contact Sea to Sky Insurance for a consultation in regard properly protecting your net worth.

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